ABOUT BikeGal.com!

Get on your bike and ride!

BikeGal.com is an educational website written and developed by a female cyclist  with the specific aim of getting more women to cycle in the city of Sydney.

Whether you’re a brand new cyclist or returning to cycling after some time,  BikeGal.com provides female specific information and content from female cyclists who know the answers.

This site was developed in 2012 with a 12 month matching grant from the City of Sydney Council (thanks Clover!).

Since then the site has continued to grow and flourish. Occasionally the blog will review a product or event with compensation and this is done with full disclosure according to our disclosure policy.

BikeGal doesn’t care if you ride around the block, ride to the shops or ride to Wollongong, she just wants to see you on your bike.

Happy cycling ladies!


Ready, set, cycle