Disclosure policy (updated March 2014)

I love all things cycling related and particularly if they relate to female cyclists. Sometimes I will review a particular product or event for both my own research but also to share my opinion with you.  And whatever I blog about or post on social media is only my opinion.

Free products

Every now and then I will get given products to try, free of charge. And sometimes I get free entry into events (triathlons, races etc).

If I blog about a product or event that was provided to me for free, I will make this very clear in the blog.

However, my blogs are always honest so regardless of receiving something for free, this does not influence my opinion or the content. If I don’t like a product – I will say so or give the company the right to request the review is not published.

Other times though I may blog or share about a product or company, just because I think they are great and the company may not even know I’ve done this.

Sponsored blogs

Sometimes I will write a blog that is sponsored by a company, meaning they paid me to write about it. In this instance I will still share true and relevant content from my opinion while incorporating some key messages from that company that they want to share with a female cycling community.

And again, when I do this, the blog will be labeled as sponsored and this does not influence my opinion or the content.

I only do sponsored posts for brands or companies I believe in and with content that I think you will find interesting. I turn down far more sponsored blog offers, than I accept.

And lastly

I also work full-time in my own business, Get the Message – an independent communications consultancy that specialises in business to business communication strategy in the infrastructure sector.

I never share content from this business on the BikeGal blog or related social media.

Get in touch

If you have any questions or comments about this issue feel free to email me directly – info@BikeGal.com.