An ode to Scott (by Sarah – guest blogger)

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March 21, 2013 00

Another guest blogger!! Today’s blog comes from my gorgeous friend Sarah who is living in Kathmandu, Nepal at the moment. As she is riding a bike there I asked her to send me a blog about her experience. She is quite the writer!

I love that she can still look glamourous while riding a bike in Nepal.

If you would like to share your cycling adventures overseas or even your everyday travels – email me! with a photo of you and your bike. Tell us why you ride, where you like to ride.

Now… over to our guest blogger Sarah and her ode to Scott

I gaze lovingly at your tall, strong frame. To say that you have changed my life, opened new doors and blazed new paths is insulting in its understatement.

You protect me in this place of chaos by lifting me above the dust and debris. In a city where there are no road rules or traffic lights and lanes are merely a suggestion, you navigate me safely among the zooming and zig-zagging cars, motorbikes and pedestrians. In places where the city’s road widening project has turned the streets into something resembling a bomb site, you lead me lovingly over the piles of rubble and mud.

I used to be terrified of this place, but now, thanks to you, I feel right at home.

Sarah cycles the Ring Road, 27 km of paved road circling Kathmandu.

Last week, you whisked me away for a magical weekend in the hills surrounding Kathmandu, passing through rural villages where the children delightedly greeted us with “namastes” and doe-eyed cows and baby goats stared lazily at us. Bemused villagers raised their hands in greeting, wondering who this strange foreign couple were. We got down and dirty in the mud and splashed around in the bubbling brook, laughing at our sheer inhibition and wild abandon.

This month, we will travel to postcard perfect Pokhara where we will have an exhilarating time navigating the mountains surrounding gorgeous Lake Begnus together.

Scott, my dear American, my feelings for you are unconditional. If you ever get sick, I promise to take you to a place in Lazimpat where they will fix you up, as good as new.

Where Sarah takes Scott for bike repairs in Kathmandu, Nepal.

I love the way you feel under me. We fit together just so. You know exactly how to handle me and you know when to put the brakes on.

I will stick by you, through the monsoon and winter seasons. We have an amazing year ahead, Scott. I can’t wait to share my life with you here in Kathmandu.


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