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July 12, 2013 2

July is flying past and we are heading into August. You know you will click your fingers and it will be Christmas (argh! Christmas shopping – stop it, it’s only July!) So today, we are reviewing the blogs that were the most viewed and shared so far this year.

What you liked and what caused a flurry of conservation on facebook – just in case you missed some of the good stuff!


We started off the year taking a look at the top six things you need to commute by bicycle in Sydney.

And one of the most read and shared posts ever, “Your saddle changed my life – or how to find the right seat for you and your bike” – starring Jo, my lovely demonstrator of how to get your bottom measured! If you get a sore bottom from your saddle, read this one.

Also in February we started the couch to cycling in six weeks program – lots of shares there too. Do you need help to get started? If so, read this blog.


In March, BikeGal convinced her Mum to get out on a bike, go Mum! Have you cycled with your Mum?

We also had a great guest blog from Sarah – an Aussie chick cycling in Kathmandu, Nepal.

And BikeGal gets a kindness award from Wake Up Sydney!


April saw BikeGal out and about, exploring cycling in a developing country (Cambodia) and discovering the link between paddle boarding and cycling.


Another guest blogger, showed us that you are never too old to become a cyclist – as she tackles some serious kms and terrain in NZ.

We also learnt about cranky cyclists who can’t share and Leichhardt Council ditching their cycling budget.

In May, there was also a post on bike rules, part 1 – which caused lots of comments and discussion on facebook (and a bit of rage – yes, really).


And just last month we shared the results of the survey to find the best bike store for the women of Sydney. Some hilarious comments in there from many peeps. I’m still laughing about the person who went to a bike store and was told, “you don’t need to test ride it, it will be fine”.

We also met the team from Omafiets who won best store.


And this month as Tour de France has hit our screens, we took a look at how fast these blokes really go –  Could you keep up with Cadel?

And lastly, another popular post….how to stop your … ummmm…. bits… you know… down there from ummm hurting

Thanks for all your support so far this year.

Happy cycling!

  • July 15, 2013 at 9:42 pm, AlisonW said:

    Thanks for this cool little summary. I have enjoyed your blog from Tassie, especially some of the travel stuff. So – any tips on riding in the winter time and how to recognise black ice? A bit of problem here in Hobart, often requires a different bike with fatter tyres, or changing the time of day to go riding. The biggest challenge though is keeping warm – especially one’s nose.


    • July 16, 2013 at 9:26 am, Rachael said:

      Hmmm good question! Don’t think it gets that cold in Sydney. I have a cycling friend in Canada, I’ll ask her and see what she says and facebook it. Someone will know the answer



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