Could you keep up with Cadel?

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July 1, 2013 00

Okay now it’s time to be truthful. When the Tour de France started on Saturday night, was there any small part of you that thought “I could do that, can’t be that hard,” and while you drank a beer or a glass of wine and slobbed out on the couch in cold, wet Sydney you started dreaming of the possibilities.

Cadel Evans doing what he does best – smashing it!

Take a look at what these cyclists really do each year while on the Tour. It really is amazing, and more amazing when you compare it to us everyday cyclists.

This data comes from Tour Team HTC-High Road.

Your speed on average on the  flat 27 to 28 km/hour.

Tour de France riders average speed on the flat 40 to 45 km/hour.

(Note I can’t do one lap of Centennial Park’s 4 km loop at this speed!).

Your speed on average on hilly terrain 14 to 16 km/hour.

Tour de France riders average on hilly terrain is 33 to 40 km/hour! On huge mountains! Wow. I don’t even ride that fast on the flat!

You can read some more statistics here and compare yourself to a Tour de France rider including hours of sleep, hours of training each week and even the hours of training they do on a rest day (yes a rest day).

I need to get back to that glass of wine and the couch now, so I can keep on dreaming 🙂

Hope you are enjoying watching the Tour de France 2013.

Happy cycling!


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