Cycling = balance = paddle boarding!

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April 29, 2013 00

Sorry it’s been all a bit quiet from over the last week but I’ve been on holidays to Vanuatu.

I had a revelation while I was on holidays… cycling = better balance.

Now this may not seem like rocket science to you, but if you are like me and have never considered yourself to have great balance then cycling is a way to improve it.

Having cycled for a few years now fairly consistently, I was delighted to go on holidays and discover that I could attempt paddle boarding and get up first go without falling off.

Several years ago I attempted windsurfing and the experience was just awful.

Anyway, here is me (below left) about to get on the paddle board. Sadly my photographer lost interest in my experience (and probably went to have a margarita!) so there are no photos of me up on the board. But I can promise you, I got up and it was fun!

Getting onto the paddle board

My boyfriend scoffed at me when I said I wouldn’t be able to get up on the board. So yes, he was right and I was wrong. But I was still surprised at how much my balance has improved.

Have you discovered better balance with other activities thanks to cycling?

Happy cycling!


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