I hate cyclists

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April 17, 2014 01

When I’m driving, I hate the way they run red lights. Who said the road rules don’t apply to them?

I hate how they are allowed to ride two abreast and I can’t get past them.

I hate being stuck behind them because they are going sooooo slooooowly and then I get in front of them and get stuck at the lights and they zoom past (running the red). Then the lights change and I’m stuck behind them again!

There I said it. Bet you weren’t expecting that from a cycling advocate!

angry motorist

So who hasn’t thought this way at some point?

Even I confess to thinking this way sometimes and getting frustrated in the traffic. We’ve all been there.

But I want to tell you what I also hate.

I hate being on my bike and scared witless that the guy driving very closely behind me is going to take me out.

I really hate when cars pass me in the lane and come so so close and I’m over in the gutter already with nowhere else to go.

I hated the day I was on my bike and watched the tyre of a 4WD roll about two inches away from my foot.

I hate the verbal abuse I cop nearly every time I ride my bike when I’m obeying the road rules and not doing anything wrong.

So this easter, you can expect many cyclists to be out and about.

If you are driving, give cyclists a metre of space. They are a person – they could be your daughter, or son, your friend, your work buddy.

If you are cycling, obey the road rules and help us all earn a bit of respect from motorists. Don’t jump red lights. Don’t ride more than two abreast.

Please share this with all your motoring and cycling friends.

Happy easter peeps and…

Happy cycling!



  • April 17, 2014 at 10:45 am, Pablo said:

    Hey hey Bikegal, nice words the real deal.

    There are definitely different types of riders out there, I live on two wheels and have my own way of riding to deal with traffic. In a nutshell, one has to be conscious of what/who is around you, period. As a rider, you don’t have to be a dick and keep the car behind you glued to your ass if you can simply swerve left/right (if the driver is in a rush to hit that red light ahead, their deal who cares) now If I can filter through without disrupting anyone, deal with it cars.

    Anyway, keep riding & writing Bgirl.




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