Top 6 cycling stacks and how to avoid them

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October 25, 2013 00

If you have never had a cycling accident, I’m sorry but I’m pretty sure you are in the minority! I was chatting with a few friends recently about cycling accidents and one has broken her jaw and the other has fractured her thumb.

Many cycling accidents don’t even happen at speed – but regardless they can be incredibly painful and dangerous to other cyclists around you.

1. Not looking where you are going

not looking

Sounds a bit silly but it’s a big cause of accidents. You are tired, you are looking down or you are a bit distracted. What can you do? Stay aware and if it’s all too late, break slowly and carefully.

2. Cornering


It’s wet, it’s slippery, it’s dark, there is gravel or sand on the road – lots of reasons lead to dangerous cornering. Best advice here is to go into the corner at a sensible speed, don’t break suddenly in the middle of the corner (break before you enter it) and look ahead as you go into the corner.

3. Hitting a car door

car door

Ouch. This one’s going to hurt. You are cruising along and the next thing you’re doing the superman over your handlebars. Look ahead when riding parallel to parked cars and look in their mirrors to see if someone is getting ready to get out. Call out to them (yoo hooo!!!) or try and ride a little further over and away from car doors if you can.

 4. Slipping in the wet

wet 2

This is a no brainer. When it’s wet, it’s more slippery. Have a rest day and catch the bus, or just like driving in the rain, ride slower and more defensively.

 5. Motorist doesn’t see you


How many times have you seen or been involved in a near miss where a motorist has narrowly avoided hitting you or has side swiped you? Why? Because they never knew you were there! Best way to avoid this one is to not ride in a car’s blindspot and appreciate the fact that are smaller than a car and harder to see.

 6. Road rage

angry motorist2

Angry motorist who is mad about life in general, causes you to come undone. What’s the solution for this one? Ride predictably, always indicate, help motorists know what you are going to do.

What do you think are the top five cycling stacks? Do you have others? Share your stories here and advice on how to avoid here.…


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