Week 2 – from couch to commuter cycling in 6 weeks

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February 21, 2013 00

How did you go in your first week? I hope you went well and you are feeling a bit more relaxed on your bike.

Again try and spend as much time on your bike as you can this week – even if it’s only 20 minutes every two days. This is better than trying to do a big chunk all in one day. You want to do enough each day or every other day so you feel more comfortable.

This week we are going to build on what we did last week. So again, still remain focussed on staying relaxed and not holding any tension in your body while cycling.

You should be cycling feeling relaxed and smooth and in control.

Things to do this week:

This week we are building on letting go of the handlebars – we are building up to being able to indicate left and right, as well as drinking from your water bottle. Certainly for commuting you need to be able to indicate left and right.

We are also going to focus on riding in a straight line – I know sounds easy.

1. Ride while touching your nose with one hand. Try touching your head with one hand. Try leaning down to touch your water bottle. While doing each of these look where you are going. So when leaning down – don’t look down!

2. Try this with both hands – like all things you will probably find you have one side that you prefer more

3. If the bike gets shaky or you feel like you are losing control, just go back to the handlebars with both hands holding loosely (not gripping on for dear life!)

4. I also want you to work on cycling in a straight line. For example, if you are riding in Centennial, try and do a whole loop where you stay say 1 metre in from the painted line. This is just a way of practising staying in control on the bike

5. If you are cycling in cleats – also concentrate on both the pulling up of your foot as well as the push down – easier than it sounds!

Next week we will look at riding at different speeds and stopping quickly.

I hope you are enjoying the program. Share your feedback!

Happy cycling,


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