Week 3 – from couch to commuter cyclist in 6 weeks

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February 28, 2013 00

Can you believe it we are already at week 3! Hope it’s going well.

This week again repeat the previous weeks drills aiming to remain calm and be comfortable in taking a hand off the handlebars.


Riding at different speeds

This week is also time to try riding at different speeds – how slowly can you go with out toppling over or getting stressed? When riding in traffic and commuting it’s important to be able to adjust your speed. So imagine you are riding up to a traffic light and waiting for it to change – pick a tree as your traffic light and ride as slowly as you can up to it without actually coming to a complete stop.

And in the reverse, can you go quite fast and also remain relaxed?

Stopping quickly

Commuting on a bike means you absolutely MUST be able to stop quickly. Without doubt there will be occasions where you will have to react and stop quickly.

So for this drill you will need a friend. Pick somewhere safe and flat where you can ride towards them. From about 50 metres away from them ride towards them and when they clap you need to stop as quickly as you can. Keep practising it. The idea behind this is you won’t know when they are going to clap – so you just have to be ready!

Riding out of the saddle

If you haven’t done this for some time it can be a bit daunting at first. So this week while on the flat, just try lifting your bottom out of the saddle and putting all your weight forward into your feet and onto your pedals. You may have to lean forward a little to do this. You also want to be in a higher/bigger gear when you do this so there is more resistance in the pedals.

This week all you need to do is get out of the saddle and try a few pedals and sit down again.

Good luck.

Happy cycling!


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