Here are some links to good cycling maps and tried and tested cycling route advice for getting around Sydney ….however, the best way to get around Sydney is to ask other cyclists and get some first hand advice. Maps are all well and good, but chatting to other cyclists gives you invaluable advice about hazards and unsafe traffic spots.


Online route finding: – Bikely is a free and easy to use bicycle route mapping and sharing website created by cyclists for cyclists. If you are looking for advice, their forum is good for posting questions or Sydney Cyclist can also offer you great forums for advice on which route to take.

This mapping tool let’s you zoom in and click on a path segment to view its properties. It’s also grades the roads by colour coding – low,moderate or high difficulty – useful. – let’s you put in your start and end points to find convenient bike routes. Not all suggested routes are the best ones available though – more user feedback will help.

Open Cycle Map

Big Yak

Other Sydney cycling maps:

City of Sydney

Naturally Clover and the gang have this one totally sorted. You can access a City of Sydney cycling map here – either download it or they can post you one. Handy!

Sydney North and North West

Sydney East

Sydney West

Sydney South

Olympic Park

And some others…

Discover Fairfield and Liverpool by Bike

M7 Cycleway – Prestons to Glenwood

If you have discovered better Sydney cycling maps – let us know –!