“Your saddle changed my life!” – or how to find the right seat for you and your bike

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February 12, 2013 01

We’ve all been here, you’ve spent some time on your bike, maybe riding a bit further and longer than usual or you have just started riding again after some time off, and as you hop off your bike you realise that your bottom or lady bits are really really sore!

It can range from being a bit numb to intense throbbing but either way, did you know that if you have the correct saddle (seat) for you and your bike, and your bike it set up correctly for you, you should NEVER have this pain.

I recently took a trip to Jet Cycles (80 Clarence St in the city) as I heard from my friend and training buddy Jo that these guys have the ability to measure your bottom and get the right seat for you. Although not it’s technical name, Jo and I agree that this nifty invention should be called the ass-o-meter!

Jo agreed to be my bum model so you can see through this blog how it all works (thanks Jo!).

We met with Kane, Jet Cycles’ Bike fit technician. Kane shared with us how he recently had a very happy customer who experienced the bottom measuring and seat fit and told him “your saddle changed my life.”


Kane is both a personal trainer and a sports physiologist so he knows what he’s on about. As he explained it, getting the right seat for you is really an anatomical issue.

“Some people end up sitting on their bike and not being propped up by their sit bones on a saddle that is too narrow. This causes pain as there is too much weight put on the soft tissue between the sit bones,” Kane said.

The sit bones? Whenever you sit down, your weight is resting on two points in your bottom, known as sit bones. Everyone’s sit bones measure differently. Often when you are having pain from your saddle it is because the saddle you have is not the right measure or shape for your sit bones.

A properly sized saddle not only increases your comfort on your bike but also your power when riding – and there is a saddle for every sized bottom.

Posture and spine also plays a part and ideally if you have the time, getting a complete bike fit which includes the saddle fit is ideal.

So… how do they measure your bottom/sit bones?

Below is the ass-o-meter itself.


Next step, is to sit on it! And here is Jo sitting on it.


When Jo hops off, we can see from the indent of her sit bones what size saddle she needs.


Kane explained to us that it does take a little bit of adaptation to a new saddle.

“A few weeks is normal for this. No one ever wants to go back to their old saddle,” said Kane.

As well as measuring your sit bones, Kane also spends time looking at how you sit on your bicycle.

“People have a preconceived idea of how they should look on a bike. And sometimes it’s a combination of what they look like and the fit that ends up being right for them,” he said.

Getting your sit bones measured at Jet Cycles is free but best to book ahead if you are interested.

Do you have saddle pain? Have you put off getting back into cycling because you had saddle pain before? If so, get along to Jet Cycles and get your bottom measured – pronto!

Thanks to Jo Kneebone, for being a very compliant model for this story.

  • February 15, 2013 at 2:42 am, robyn said:

    Lovely to find another woman cyclist blogger in Sydney, just though I would say HI and a great blog you have:) I also did the whole seat fitting thing, it really works, I am so much more comfortable cycling now.



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